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Basic services like water supply and sanitation is primarily the responsibility of municipal authorities. However, in most cities in Kyrgyzstan, availability, accessibility, quality, and adequacy of such services are in deficit. Despite considerable resources being spent each year by both the central and state governments, universal access to urban services is a distant dream for many citizens, particularly the poor and marginalized. One of the important reasons for such ineffective and non-responsive services is the lack of transparency and accountability in local governance institutions as well as lack of capacity CSOs

to influence local decision-making.


This sub-project aims to address these issues by increasing the institutional and human capacity of CSOs to better engage with municipal authorities. Geographic Information System (GIS) technique will be introduced to improve the development of a municipal water and sanitation plan and allow the local population to monitor its implementation.

Coordination with Government Strategy

Project Name Supporting Civil Society Initiatives (SCSI)- Phase II, Innovation

Implementing Agencies

Kyrgyzstan Mountain Societies Development Support Program (MSD SP KG), School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE)

Target Area Naryn Town, Kyrgyz Republic Duration 01/04/2014 – 31/03/2017 Budget $300,000

Beneficiaries Naryn Town Male: 18,126 Female: 18,921


  • Joint Working Group • Monitoring Group • Local CSOs (NGOs & Neighborhood Associations) •  Mayor ’s office • Municipal service providers

The Kyrgyz Republic’s Local Self Governance Development (LSG) Strategy (2013 – 2017) lists e-governance as one of the key objectives to improve management, transparency, information exchange, and high quality service delivery. Through this project, AKF/MSDSP KG are supporting the achievement of this objective by developing an interactive map to monitor municipal services such as water supply and waste management in Naryn town. Development of this interactive map will be carried out using  Geographic Information System (GIS), which will design an e-map of the town with different technical and graphical information.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

GIS is a computer system that captures, stores, checks and displays data relating to objects on the Earth’s surface. The system allows employees of municipal enterprises to get regulated access to definitions of any object, for instance, network of wells, chambers, pumping stations; daily schedules of water consumption and operation of pumping station, etc. Best practices demonstrate that a unified information base in municipal management helps LSG to effectively plan and manage public services while allowing the population to access information and resources to improve civic monitoring of municipal services.

 Expected Outcomes

  1. Increased institutional and human capacity of CSOs to develop constructive dialogue with municipal authorities on water and sanitation issues that affect men, women and youth.

The School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) of the University of Central Asia (UCA) has assessed the specific skill development and knowledge improvement needs related to organizational man agement development of CSOs in Naryn town.  Given the findings of the assessment, SPCE is developing a new training program based on its two existing programs: 1) Local Economic and Community Development (LECD), and 2) Small Business Management. SPCE will train 40 CSO members on management of water resources, management of municipal property, local economic development finance, entrepreneurship, stra tegic planning, and Microsoft Excel at SPCE’s Naryn Town Campus facility.

  1. Water and sanitations conditions are improved in Naryn town In 2010, MSDSP KG initiated the establishment of a Joint Working Group (JWG) that brings together rep resentatives from CSOs and municipals and/or government institutions of Naryn town to discuss urban environmental problems, including water and sanitation, and to develop an annual plan to address these issues. This sub-project will help the JWG to improve the development of water and sanitation plans and allow the local population to monitor the implementation of the plan. This will be done by developing the capacity of the JWG to develop a water and sanitation map using GIS techniques and use GIS data for decision-making. MSDSP KG will then facilitate roundtables for updating the city administration plan to improve water and sanitation services. Once the plan is endorsed, the CSO members of the JWG will be invited to submit grant proposals to co-finance various activities defined in the plan. Up to four projects will be selected on a competitive basis in the sub-project area.

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